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Finca Exotica is an ecolodge located on Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. More than a hotel, we offer a unique, social and inspirational experience in the heart of the jungle. Outstanding and romantic views, buzzing wildlife and a friendly & peaceful environment.


Perfect for couples looking for a romantic place along the beach, but also for families and friends desiring to explore and spend time together, Finca Exotica is a haven of peace where time stands still .. and nature takes over.


Surrounded by Primary forest and bordering Corcovado National Park, we offer outstanding opportunities to observe Costa Rica’s rich wildlife. Swimming, surfing, boogie-boarding, hiking, fishing, horse-riding, kayaking... it is our pleasure to organize tours and trips to suit your needs.


Finca Exotica is ideal for travellers looking to spend time reconnecting in nature and enjoying the luxury of being unavailable. Photographic enthusiasts, families and eclectic eco-travellers can look forward to spending time completely relaxing in nature or enjoying some of the many activities and tours you would expect to find in a tropical "Shangri-Lah".

Healthy Food

Guests can enjoy meals at a long communal table where they can share healthy, organic and 'farm to table' dishes with ingredients sourced locally and harvested from the exotic food forest. Dinner becomes a melting pot of creativity and inspiration, connecting fascinating people from around the globe. It can however also be a great time to enjoy a meal with that special someone, so our guests also enjoy the option of having more intimate and personal settings upon request.


Finca Exotica is a sustainable eco lodge, built on the foundations of land preservation, organic food production, sustainable building, community outreach, and education programs for guests and locals. The environmental impact of this farm is constantly under review by experts and the local staff to minimize our ecological footprint.

Finca Exotica is an ecolodge located on Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.


To provide customers and visitors with an unforgettable experience being in harmony with nature, including conservation, and a healthy community lifestyle. It is intended that the experiences in Finca Exotica stay with our visitors forever in their practical lives.


To convert Finca Exotica into a most prominent example of conservation and sustainability in Latin America. At a global scale, to be a leader in environmental conservation, sustainability, research, organic production, healthy lifestyle, education and artistic creation. To become an integral model that is in constant transformation, inspiring visitors to live in harmony and responsibly with nature.



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