Farm: the ecology of a permaculture farm in Costa Rica

As you relax and enjoy the nature you can be sure that the impact of this business has been reviewed by the local staff to ensure that it is minimized. Finca Exotica started as a sustainable farm, and we have taken the time to look at all the interactions with our environment to minimize our impacts. The areas we are focusing on for minimizing impact are staff policies, clean energy, low impact construction, product selection, and waste management:


We established internal procedures for food disposal, chemical usage, energy consumption, and customer interaction.


You can enjoy clean solar and hydro energy in the community locations to read your book at night, listen to music, or have that cold beverage. Soon we will be producing methane gas from the pig farm.


The lodging you will be staying in is mostly built to return to mother earth when it gets old. Most of the materials are wood scraps, bamboo, palm leaves, etc.

Product Selection

You can be sure that the equipment, food, and other purchased materials utilized to serve you have been evaluated for sustainability.

Waste Management

Our organic waste gets added to the compost or pigs food while recyclables go to Puerto Jimenez recycle center.