Yaguara: Costa Rica jaguar conservation organization

Yaguará is a non-profit Costa Rican organization whose purpose is the conservation of wildcats and their prey on the Osa Peninsula. The organization’s goal is to preserve and better their habitat in order to maintain viable populations of these species in the long term, all while working on the education and involvement of the local community and the general public on the value of biodiversity.

The jaguar (Panthera onca) is our emblem because it’s the wildcat which is in most danger of disappearing in the Osa Peninsula, and the efforts for its conservation help maintain the integrity of the ecosystem and biodiversity in general. Our mission is to conserve the jaguar and its habitat by generating scientific information that is directly applicable to conservation and by involving local people.

This is why, in order to better the conservation status of wildcats and other species, Yaguará concentrates its efforts on:

Assessing the status of the populations of species that are in grave danger of extinction, such as jaguars, pumas, and margays.
Measuring the importance of landscape patterns in order to conserve the necessary habitat to maintain viable populations of wildcats in the long term.
Generating ecological information that can be directly applied to species conservation.
Reducing the conflict between humans and jaguars/pumas.
Holding environmental awareness and education for the local people.

More info at www.yaguara.org