Corcovado: book a Corcovado National Park tour with our skillful local guides

Explore for 1 or 3 days the famous Corcovado National Park claimed by National Geographic as one of the most biologically diverse places on earth. These wildlife tours will take you along the coast line where the signs of civilization fade as you hike where no roads exist, crystal clear rivers flow, and wildlife like monkeys, tapirs, and wild cats roam freely. Your guide will help you to uncover the hidden treasures that live under the leaves, in the trees, or in the ground at Corcovado. This will be an adventure you will not forget.

World-famous Corcovado National Park is a 425 km2 declared natural reserve that protects the largest primary forest on the American Pacific coastline and one of the few remaining sizeable areas of lowland tropical rainforests on Earth.

The wildlife within Corcovado is diverse and abundant. It is home to the Costa Rica’s largest population of the splendorous scarlet macaw, and many other endangered rainforest species can be found here, like tapirs, five species of cats, peccaries, giant anteaters, four species of monkeys, sloths and the harpy eagle. About 400 species of birds and 140 mammals have been seen here, as well as 500 different trees,

Corcovado National Park is just a forty-minute hike from Finca Exotica, so it is easy to explore the southern area of the park in one day and return to the comfort of our lodge instead of camping inside the park. But we offer both options:

Corcovado National Park half-day guided tour:

We recommend you to reserve this tour 2 weeks prior to your visit, but we will make all efforts to locate a guide if you decide at last hour. In both cases there still may be availability constraints during the high season. Pack list: small pack, hat, hiking boots or sandals, water bottle, sunglasses, bug spray, umbrella or poncho, sunscreen, and camera

Corcovado National Park 3-day guided tour:

If you want to go deeper into one of the most biologically intense places on earth, then this tour is the primary rainforest experience you will remember all your life.

On the first day we will hike for 6-8 hours, mostly close to the beaches to get to the Sirena ranger station, where we will be staying for 2 nights. On the second day we will walk the numerous, well-marked trails around the ranger station, returning to Finca Exotica on the third day. This tour includes 3 meals a day, a picnic package, sleeping mat, sheet, mosquito net and the two humble overnights at the ranger station in the heart of the national park, and with our expert guide you will discover, learn and understand a lot about this amazing biosphere.

We recommend you book this tour at least 4 weeks prior to your visit, and there still may be availability constraints during the high season. Pack list: backpack, hiking boots, sandals, hat, towel, medicine, water bottle, sunglasses, 1 flashlight per person, umbrella or poncho, bug spray, sunscreen, and camera.