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Ecotourism: enjoying and respecting nature

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trading online come fare soldi opzioni binario Some benefits of ecotourism

It provides direct financial benefits for conservation

Ecotourism helps raise funds for environmental protection, research and education through a variety of mechanisms, such as governments spend part of the money generated from the sale of tickets to visit a National Park and part of the money taxes collected by tour companies, hotels, airlines as well as voluntary contributions.

It provides financial benefits and empowerment for local people National parks and other conservation areas survive only if there are “happy people” around their perimeters. The local community should be involved in giving and receiving income and other tangible benefits (potable water, roads, health clinics, etc.) from the conservation area and its tourist facilities. Campsites, lodges, guide services, restaurants and other concessions should be addressed in collaboration with the communities around the parks or other tourist destinations.

More importantly, if ecotourism is seen as a tool for rural development, it should also help change the economic and political control of the local community, village, cooperative, or entrepreneurs.

This is the most difficult principle and takes much longer to implement this practice to local economic equation.

scadenze opzioni binarie Respect for local culture

Ecotourism practice is not only respectful of nature, it also is culturally less intrusive and exploitative than conventional tourism. While prostitution, black markets and drugs often are by-products of mass tourism, ecotourism strives to be culturally respectful and have a minimal effect on both the natural environment and the human population of the host country.

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