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Wildlife Refuge hiking

Hike the famous Corcovado Park or the nearby rainforest

Experience up-close the lush, natural beauty of Costa Rica’s rainforest. Book a Corcovado National Park tour with one of our experienced guides or just hike in and around our property to primary rainforest, cool waterfalls, ocean viewpoints, tranquil rivers, remote pristine beaches, lagoons or the garden. There are 7 marked rainforest hikes covering over 14 km. within or around Finca Exotica.

Enjoy nature: be still, quiet, and look closely. Whether you are a simple observer, bird watcher, or photographer, the nature here will amaze you. The local flora and planted fruit trees attract a huge variety of creatures to the farm, like monkeys, sloths, pumas, scarlet macaws, etc.; the list can go on for pages! Make sure to have your flashlight with red light to spot the sea turtles that you may find nesting on the beach at night.