Dream reading a book ...


Library: spend a day just reading at the beach. We provide the books!

There is often nothing sweeter than snuggling down into a hammock overlooking a stunning landscape and spending time relaxing, reading, pondering the art of life and sleeping. It can be in these moments that one has revelations about what is important in life and how to achieve it.

Since one of our main goals here is to inspire transformational thinking and encourage simple living, we invite you to plop down into one of many hammocks around Casa Grande or at the beach and browse our library.

To provoke deep reflection and learning on topics of interest like health and well-being, sustainable living, green architecture, and the meaning of life, we provide an extensive collection of literature in our library. Some themes include:

  • Permaculture, organic farming
  • Tropical architecture, design and landscaping
  • Tropical Medicinal Plants
  • Culinary guides
  • Wellness topics like massage, reiki and cultivating awarenes
  • Travel guides for Costa Rica, Panama, Nicaragua and other Latin American countries
  • We also offer chess and classic board games for evening entertainment.