Wake up to the chirp of birds and the flickering of butterflies and join us for breakfast in Casa Grande, for a healthy combination of fresh bread…Read more


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  • San Jose Hotel: Hotel Aranjuez
  • La Palma, Península de Osa:
  • Puerto Jiménez Hotel:
  • Puerto Jiminez Hotel: Cabinas Marcelina
  • Puerto Jiménez Iguana Lodge on Playa Preciosa:
  • Air Travel: Nature Airline
  • Air Travel: Sansa Airline

The Area

  • Corcovado National Park –
  • Sirena Hiking Trip is good to start at lodge and finish at Finca Exótica


  • Center for Ecoliteracy
  • Organic Gardening
  • Fusion Energy


  • Healthy Foods:
  • Healthy Foods: The worlds healthiest foods
  • Meditation:

Art of Life

  • Tiki:
  • Earth Citizenship with the United Transnational Republics: