Healthy food prepared with farm products

Healthy Food

Healthy organic food restaurant in a scenic overlook in Costa Rica

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Finca Exotica takes pride in serving you family style fresh organic food from our scenic overlook, Casa Grande. Our delicious and healthy food is considered by many as “ the best food eaten in Costa Rica” as quoted by main chef Tory from L’Etoile fine dinning restaurant in Madison Wisconsin. The organic food here is prepared with vkc credit and forex services ltd delhi the finest ingredients by Local Ticos and your host Markus who takes years of experience catering in Europe to bring you exotic flavors mostly inspired by broker opzioni binarie consob Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Indian influences. The majority of the ingredients (like spring water, chili peppers, curry leaves, basil, ginger, curcuma, coconuts, lemon grass, pineapples, fruits, vegetables, salads, poultry or pork) are sinais opçőes binarias gratis all harvested on the same day right here on our permaculture farm. The rest of the ingredients like fish, rice, beans, or chocolate are freshly selected at the local farmers market. The blend of intense fresh exotic flavors in our healthy food will simply blow you away!

Every month brings a new scrumptious treat to try fresh organic produce from the garden, and Thomas and Josue, two young and skilled chefs, are adding their creativity to the mix. As the seasons transition from the dry to green season, the fruit trees bear more and more fruit. In January, and again in March, lovi lovi, a cherry-sized fruit with a sour bite reminiscent of cranberry and grown primarily in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, is transformed into a deep pink fruit juice and jam.From March to April, the branches on our mango trees are weighted down by the juicy orange fruits. In January, and again from March to April, miracle fruit dazzle guests on the garden tour with its ability to transform the normally sour star fruit into a sweet treat. In June we savor the delectable mangosteen, guanabana (sour sop), jack fruit – which can get up to 70 pounds! -, yellow and green lemons, velvet zapotes, and Surinam cherries. All year round we have noni, bananas and star fruit to round out the tropical flavors in the fresh fruit juices, adorned breakfast plates and jams on the table.

Not only the fruits make it into the culinary extravaganza here: fresh ginger, kaffir lime leaves, galanga, lemongrass and turmeric from the garden ensure that everything you bite into is packed full of fresh detoxifying ingredients. Our organic food restaurant’s chefs draw from what they have at their fingertips to create a fusion of Ayurvedic, Indian, Thai, Tico and international cuisine.

When booked through our website, all meals, strategia affidabile opzioni binarie Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, are included in your stay and prepared daily in the best organic food restaurant in Costa Rica: Finca Exotica’s!

We are also concerned about your health and wellbeing. If you are binaire opties rijk worden allergic to certain ingredients, or following a Note: Cet article est éligible à la livraison en points de collecte. option magic trading academy La prima cosa da fare è entrare sul portale del broker prescelto. specific diet (gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian…), please let us know and we will tailor our dishes for you.


Breakfast: start your day with a healthy organic breakfast

Wake up to the chirp of birds and the flickering of butterflies and join us for breakfast in Casa Grande.

come mi prendo i soldi dalle opzioni binarie Our buffet offers a healthy combination of cereals, granola, yogurt, freshly harvested and chopped fruits, without forgetting milk, a tasty coffee and herbal teas.

But binäre optionen schweiz erfahrungen wait! keep a bit of room for what our chefs are cooking for you: video autopzionibinarie consigli a colorful plate, making every morning special. Eggs on toast with spicy salsa, Patacones (fried sweet plantains), Frittata, Tortillas, or the Costa Rica’s special breakfast, Gallo Pinto… opzioni binarie segnali quotidiana Alternatives are endless – but all taste really good!

 Thumbnails_lunchLunch: replenish your energy levels with a healthy lunch

Our aaron opzioni binarie characteristic conch call can be heard for miles, and it will tell you that a delicious light lunch is being served in the shade of Casa Grande.

For lunch, we usually serve a طرق شرعية لكسب المال من المنزل single and healthy course, containing some of our organic salads, along with one of our delicious favorites : curries on rice, quesadillas, spiced vegetables mix…

Our chefs are paying so much attention to details we’re sure you will be amazed when comes Noon. Colors, flavors, nutrients and vitamins : we want our plates to be perfect.

Every day, we also"http:////" pro binary option signals make a different fruit juice with our garden’s products – really refreshing and perfect to complete the meal, before heading to the beach or chilling out on Casa Grande’s terrace.

 Thumbnails_dinnerDinner: share your day experiences around a healthy dinner

Imagine a pre-dinner cocktail in the jungle under a fully lit star sky night. Here at Finca Exotica we can make that a reality. Our Casa Grande deck area is perfect for catching a shooting star or two while sipping on a cool piña colada, accompanied by a signature ´boca´ snack, which we offer to all of our guests from 6pm onwards. We may have some music playing in the background, or simply just the melody of the Pacific waves, to help you reflect on your day in our tropical paradise. What delightful animals did you catch a glimpse of today? How does your body feel after that soothing body massage? What was your favourite fruit that you tasted in our garden area?

Your evening meal is called by our conch shell around 7pm, which is when you will be led to our communal eating area to take a seat and await the beauty that is dinner at Finca Exotica. Your dinner begins with a starter, usually comprising of a freshly made soup or salad, harvested from our garden plants. You will then be served the main course which could be freshly caught fish with organic quinoa or a tropical coconut green thai curry with perfumed jasmine rice. Every day is different depending on the local availability, our chefs will never cease to amaze you with their delights! We can cater to all dietary requirements so be sure to mention to a member of staff at check in any important information. That way we can offer you a suitable meal, perfect for our body’s needs. Don´t be afraid to ask for more if you have run out of extras on the table- our chefs understand that this vacation business takes up a lot of energy and what with the food being so delicious, you will of course want more.

Fresh spring water is always served with dinner, but don´t forget there is unlimited freshly made juice at the bar area to help yourself to all day every day until you decide you have had enough. Star fruits, Jamaica rose, turmeric and sugar cane- don´t be afraid to try, you will love these natural concoctions.

Remember to save room for desert….. Before heading off to the beach to look for endangered sea turtles nesting, or quite simply to bed to relax after your long day of hiking primary and secondary forest, take time to indulge in one of our signature ´postres´. Banana flambé or homemade coconut cake, you will find this the perfect way to end your meal. Maybe you would like an aperitif to accompany your desert? Our bar staff will be more than willing to serve drinks until the hour that you choose in Casa Grande.

Every evening is different and you will find yourself wondering each day what dinner will be served the upcoming night. Our chefs will be more than happy to share any recipes with you to take home and enjoy with friends and family while sharing stories of your time with us here in Costa Rica.

Pura vida from our kitchen team….