Unique ecolodge surrounded by Tropical Rainforest and pristine beach ...

The Lodge

The only beach lodge located near Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park

Finca Exotica eco lodge is the only beachfront property in this pristine area of Costa Rica, and the closest place to Corcovado accessible by car.
Our beach lodge is equipped to meet all of your needs – be it a romantic couple’s escape, a group retreat, a professional conference or a family vacation. Our facilities surround our central meeting place, Casa Grande, which hosts the organic food restaurant with a communal dining table and stretches out to an amphitheater suited for presentations and lectures by day and dance parties by night. Between them is the bar and together they all encompass the terrace where you can lounge under the open sky or swing in a hamock in the shades of almond trees, while Scarlett Macaws are feeding on them. Tents, cabins, rentals and other facilities stem out from this centerpiece to provide easy access near the beach, an isolated meditation ambiance and quaint trails that lead you through the labyrinth of exotic plant life. These are the main components and of our lodge