Healthy organic food restaurant in a scenic overlook in Costa Rica

Finca Exotica takes pride in serving you family style fresh organic food from our scenic overlook, Casa Grande. Our delicious and healthy food is considered by many as “the best food eaten in Costa Rica” as quoted by main chef Tory from L’Etoile fine dinning restaurant in Madison Wisconsin. The organic food here is prepared with the finest ingredients by Local Ticos and your host Markus who takes years of experience catering in Europe to bring you exotic flavors mostly inspired by Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, and Indian influences. The majority of the ingredients like spring water, chili peppers, curry leaves, basil, ginger, curcuma, coconuts, lemon grass, pineapples, fruits, vegetables, salads, poultry or pork are all harvested on the same day right here on our permaculture farm. The rest of the ingredients like fish, rice, beans, or chocolate are freshly selected at the local farmers market. The blend of intense fresh exotic flavors in our healthy food will simply blow you away!

Every month brings a new scrumptious treat to try fresh organic produce from the garden, and Juan Carlos, a chef that joined us at the beginning of this season, is adding his love for baking into the mix. As the seasons transition from the dry to green season, the fruit trees bear more and more fruit. In January, and again in March, lovi lovi, a cherry-sized fruit with a sour bite reminiscent of cranberry and grown primarily in Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka, is transformed into a deep pink fruit juice and jam. From March to April, the branches on our mango trees are weighted down by the juicy orange fruits. In January, and again from March to April, miracle fruit dazzle guests on the garden tour with its ability to transform the normally sour star fruit into a sweet treat. In June we savor the delectable mangosteen, guanabana (sour sop), jack fruit – which can get up to 70 pounds! -, yellow and green lemons, velvet zapotes, and Surinam cherries. All year round we have noni, bananas and star fruit to round out the tropical flavors in the fresh fruit juices, adorned breakfast plates and jams on the table. When you add these jams to freshly baked bread glazed with sesame seeds or honey oat bread, breakfast doesn’t get much better.

Not only the fruits make it into the culinary extravaganza here: fresh ginger, kaffir lime leaves, galanga, lemongrass and turmeric from the garden ensure that everything you bite into is packed full of fresh detoxifying ingredients. Our organic food restaurant’s chefs draw from what they have at their fingertips to create a fusion of Ayurvedic, Indian, Thai, Tico and international cuisine.

All meals, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, are included in your stay and prepared daily in the best organic food restaurant in Costa Rica: Finca Exotica’s!