Dinner: share your day experiences around a hearty dinner

Dine with us dressed relaxed, flashy or classy in Casa Grande as you sit with old and new friends on cozy couches, or mingle about as you sip on your piña colada, mai thai, wine, beer, juice or cold drink of choice, and enjoy a snack while we prepare your dinner. If you are lucky, the rare gardenia flowers will be blossoming so we can serve you a Scorpion Bowl up to Beach Bum Berry’s standards. This is a great time of the day that is loved by all, as the mixture of pleasant flavors, the day’s adventures and the beauty of the Osa Peninsula unravels great conversations that vary from the life of the ant, earth citizenship, or bliss.

In the meantime, we have ground some fresh coconut milk to prepare you a delightful dinner with all the other ingredients that we harvested the same afternoon, like yucca, chemol, tiquisque, katuk, tumeric, lemongrass, curry leaves, ginger, chillies, pineapple and plantains. And everything organic, down to the chicken or the fish that will become our famed coconut curry padang. Other dishes you may be enjoying include sautéed fish, pad thai, chicken tandoori, chicken mole, green papaya salad, stuffed eggplant and much more.

All the meals are served with a fresh salad and some tasty desert. Favorite deserts are mostly concoctions of different bananas fried or pureed, with fresh cinnamon leaves, celestial vanilla and roasted coconut flakes, rum-flambé and blessed with grated top notch chocolate. Have you ever had lemon tea ice cream with curry berries?