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What is Wellness?

binaire opties waarschuwing_ الترتيب تداول الخيارات الثنائية Wellness can be enhanced at Finca Exotica through yoga or massage. A one hour massage on our yoga deck overlooking the ocean is a great invitation to ease into a feeling of well-being.

Natural Inspiration – getting in touch with the wisdom of nature

It is so easy and even common to focus on what we do not have at this moment and what we want to have. In order to get out of this rut of thinking it is necessary to begin to appreciate what is right in front of us! Being immersed in nature is the perfect opportunity to begin to appreciate what surrounds us. That’s what our wellness retreat is all about.

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Spiritual Purity through Meditation

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For example, here are two easy options to relax right now that only take 3 minutes each:

  1. If you are at home or somewhere you can find a wall, lie down and walk your legs up the wall placing your entire leg from your butt to your feet flat against the wall. Relax your torso, neck and shoulders into the ground. Close your eyes and begin to notice your natural breath. An inversion such as this is great to do every day. It reverses the flow of blood, stimulates the movement of immune fluids that keep us healthy and allows us time to notice. Spend the next 2 minutes noticing the weight of your torso pressing into the floor, the breath flowing through your body and any sensations in your legs. After the 2 minutes are over, get up very slowly to avoid any potential dizziness.
    2. Push back from your desk or work. Close your eyes. Begin to imagine a scene that relaxes you – maybe the crashing of waves on the beach, a trickling waterfall or a relaxing Sunday morning. Deepen your breath – this is your life force and altering it in any way will also alter your mood. Begin to draw the breath into your belly, inflating it like a balloon, and then up through your rib cage, allowing it to expand, and finally all the way up into your chest, allowing it to rise slightly. Then exhale slowly back down through these three parts of your body and squeeze your abdominal muscles at the bottom of the exhale to get all the old, stale air out and prepare your body to take in a longer deeper breath with the next inhale. This breath called ‘dirgha’ in yoga, or three-part breath, increases your oxygen level and calms your mind. Continue this breath for 3 full minutes, even if your mind is getting distracted.

Holistic Living Tips

Markus envisions Finca Exotica eco lodge as an inspirational center – a place where the facilities, natural surroundings and events enable visitors to engage with deeper layers of themselves and ponder the meaning of life. By introducing the holistic living tip of the day we hope to transport a piece of this inspiration so even from home guests and friends are reminded to take care of themselves – body, mind and soul! So here’s a little teaser to start you off:
Take 2 minutes right now to close your eyes and imagine yourself in the most relaxing place you have ever been. Take 5 full, deep breaths with your eyes closed while reveling in the effect on your physical and emotional body.

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