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Costa Rica’s top yoga retreat in a lush rainforest and secluded beach

Finca Exotica offers the best environment for a fantastic yoga retreat experience. Our yoga deck, built with a stunning hardwood floor and a sustainable bamboo superstructure, provides a stunning view of the ocean in front and the pristine rainforest that surrounds the property. It can accommodate groups of up to 30 people and is conditioned with comfy couches and a music system. Another small platform, surrounded by dense green vegetation and fronting a gurgling stream, is the perfect spot for isolated meditation. In addition, if guests are interested, there is the option to take yoga directly to the beach and participate in a class with sand between your toes as you watch the sun rise or set.

Practice Yoga in the jungle and enjoy an astounding ocean view

Our lodge’s yoga deck, with a magnificent hardwood floor and a sustainable bamboo superstructure framing the jungle and ocean views, is large enough to accommodate groups of up to 30 people and is conditioned with cozy couches and a music system. The deck overlooks the ocean in the front and is surrounded by the jungle.  Take a look:

Organized Yoga Retreats & Groups

Finca Exotica rainforest and beach eco lodge welcomes yoga retreats and groups that want to take advantage of the facilities we offer. The unique settings offered to enhance your yoga practice are complemented by our amphitheater, which provides the ideal ambiance for chats or theory during the day, and intriguing night events.

If you are interested in bringing a yoga retreat to Finca, please contact us for our group planning info.

Yoga Benefits

From packing your daily schedule to sitting at a computer desk for 8 hours a day, to being barraged by cell phones, billboards and other stimulants – your body, mind and soul begin to live constantly in a state of elevated stimulation and stress. Diminishing the connection to your surroundings as well as your internal world of emotions, this heightened stress and lessened awareness of true necessities steals your ability to live and enjoy a fully conscious life.

Yoga offers much more benefits than a simple exercise routine to sculpt and stretch your body. Every YOGA POSTURE has various physical and emotional benefits – Warrior I (Virabhadrasana I), for example, develops strength, concentration and stamina. The strength developed in your body flows over into your daily life, giving you strength and courage to make difficult decisions and challenge yourself. Also exploring positions in new ways and seeing how your edge today may be different than yesterday develops a curiosity and awareness of subtle changes that occur in your body and mood on a daily basis. Adding these tools to your anti-stress tool bag will stream into your daily life, if you allow it. Starting this practice while on vacation without the standard array of technological distractions will help you develop a habit that you can take home with you.
Hatha yoga, the physical yoga postures, was originally created to prepare the body for meditation. Today, even if you are not a ‘meditation person’, sitting in meditation for even 2 minutes at the end of a yoga class is a welcoming opportunity to truly take in the sounds and sensations of the jungle.

Yoga Postures

Yoga poses build muscle tone and flexibility in the physical body but they also have extensive benefits in the mental and emotional body. Below, you will find a selection of nature inspired yoga positions that may be practiced anywhere to bring you back in touch with the rainforest/beach atmosphere that you’ll find at Finca Exotica.

Tree Vrksasana

Tree pose is very grounding in a light way – you can imagine roots growing out of your feet as you play with your torso, imagining that your branches are blowing in the wind.

Vrksasana strengthens your feet, legs, buttocks, back, abdomen and shoulders; stretches your legs; stabilizes ankles, knees and hips; and relieves sciatica. Other less visible results include stimulation of the nervous system, development of concentration, balance and poise.

This yoga pose should always be done after warming up your body. Below are the basic instructions to follow:

Begin in Tadasana with arms by sides
Shift your weight into your left leg
Choose a focal point
Bring sole of right foot to inner calf or thigh of right leg (be careful not to put against knee and press)
Draw right knee to side in line with hips
Roll shoulder blades down
Lift arms and choose which arm position best suits what your body needs – T-position, directly over your head or prayer position in front of your heart.
Press up through the crown of your head.
To release – grab lifted foot and gently lower to the ground.
Repeat on the other side.

Half Moon Ardha Chandrasana

Following the moon phases, this yoga pose is a great way to get you back in tune with natural rhythms. At Finca Exotica rainforest and beach eco lodge we celebrate the full moon with a party every month, and this posture, which is an integral part of the Moon Salutation, is a great way to draw on the feminine energy radiating from the moon.

Ardha Chandrasana strengthens your feet, ankles, legs, buttocks, back, abdomen and shoulders; provides alternate stretching and strengthening of the entire body, toning and strengthening the legs, back and abdominal muscles; increases spinal flexibility and alignment; tones abdominal organs, stimulates digestion and peristalsis. Mental benefits include increasing coordination, balance, poise and development of focus and concentration.

Before attempting this yoga pose, warm up your side body with monkey stretch or gate (parighasana). Here are the basic instructions to follow:

Begin in Tadasana with arms by sides
Raise arms overhead, palms facing each other.
Interlace fingers, index fingers stay long in steeple position.
Press down through soles of feet.
Elongate spine by dropping sacrum down and lengthening through crown of head and fingertips.
Extend torso up and over to the right.
Press hips to the left.
Keep weight even on both feet.
Keep hips and shoulders in one plane (prevent collapsing forward).
To release: press into both feet, lift torso back to center, release arms by sides.
Repeat on the other side.

Boat Navasana

Ocean going boats are strong and sturdy – explore how breathing in this position undulates your body as if riding waves.

Navasana strengthens your legs, buttocks, back, abdomen, chest and shoulders and aligns spinal column. It also provides an abundance of internal benefits such as strengthen lungs, decongest abdominal organs, decongest kidneys, help eliminate toxins, stimulates the nervous, circulatory, digestive, lymphatic, and endocrine systems. It energizes the mind, relieves stress, anxiety and mild depression.

To prepare for this yoga pose you may warm up with cat and cow stretches and half locust. Below are the basic instructions to follow:

Lie on belly with arms by sides, palms down, chin or forehead on the ground.
Bring legs hip distance apart.
Press down through pubic triangle.
Lengthen through toes, crown and fingertips.
Engage back body to lift torso, arms and legs off the ground.
Maintain chin neutral.
Elongate through crown and press down through sternum.
To release: keep torso long, lower torso, arms and legs to ground, turn head to one side and relax.