5 Tips to Successfully Travel in Couples

It’s very different to travel in couples than it is to travel solo or with friends and family. In many ways, it can feel exciting to go away with the one you love, but there are also different dynamics to balance when you’re out on vacation with your significant other. That’s why we put together 5 tips to successfully travel in couples, so whether you’re in a new relationship, getting married, or are traveling an anniversary, these tips can help to bring more fun to your vacation while helping to create opportunities for lasting memories between you and your loved one.

1. Try something new together.

Part of the reason to travel in couples is to build new memories with unique experiences! Whatever your typical routine is, make sure you’re both getting something new out of your vacation time. You work hard to make trips happen, so being thoughtful about how this window of time is going to stand out from your regular day-to-day will set you up to have lifelong memories together. Often times, partners want to show each other places they’ve traveled to before that they love because they want to share those places with each other. That’s great! Just make sure you’re finding other things to do or see that are new to both of you so you can both be surprised by your adventure and develop impressions of these special places together.

2. Don’t overchedule yourself.

It’s always tempting to book multiple excursions before even reaching your destination. Afterall, part of the fun when you travel in couples is dreaming up your vacation together. While it can be fun to head into your trp knowing exactly what you’re going to be doing, there’s also something to be said for letting things unfold naturally. By leaving yourself room to plan your trip on the go, you might encounter a specific guide you want to travel with for the day when you reach town, or even find better prices if you book a day in advance versus months ahead of time. Not to mention, it’s nice to use your vacation time to actually unwind! Leaving more room in your schedule allows for more spontaneous moments, like walking on the beach, having great conversations, or enjoying a late breakfast. You and your partner will thank yourselves for not having a crammed schedule once you get back home and return to your regular routine.

3. Say “yes” to at least 1 thing your partner is more excited about than you.

This one can be a challenge but something that leads to incredibly wonderful moments. No two people share all of the same passions, so you might not be completely excited to visit a museum when what really gets you pumped is going snorkeling. But seeing a place through the eyes of your significant other enriches both your travel and your relationship, so make sure that you support their enthusiasm for something you’re not completely sold on at least once while you’re away. And who knows– their excitement for an activity might help you to love it more, too!

4. Give both of you some time to do your own thing.

It’s easy to feel like you need to spend every moment side by side just because you’re on vacation as a couple. But even when you travel in couples, there are moments you might want to be alone– and that’s healthy! Vacations are meant for recharging, and the truth is that some people recharge better when they have a little bit of alone time. Make sure you let your partner know when you need an hour to tune out and listen to a podcast or go on a walk, and if they ask for the same thing, the best response you can give as a partner is support. Afterall, you have ample time together while traveling, so letting each other go off for a little while alone, so long as you both feel safe, is a great way to discover new things you might want to show each other later– and distance makes the heart grow fonder, right?

5. Remember that you still get to go on dates while traveling!

When is the last time you got to go on a date in another state or country? Once the vacation is underway, it can feel like your trip is one big night out on the town. But the truth is that when you travel in couple, losing your sense of romance can happen if you don’t intentionally take the time to make things special. Date your partner while you’re away together. It might be going out to a nice restaurant, or it might be buying them flowers. It might be grabbing some local food and heading out for a picnic together. It might even be taking them out for a movie! There are endless ways to date each other while traveling, and it’s fun to bring some of your everyday romantic sensibilities into your vacation time together.


*Laura Hughes adventure writer and photographer. You can  find more information at https://www.howsheviewsit.com/contact