A conscious lifestyle

The society in which we live and the pace of life imposed on us makes it hard to become aware of ourselves, of our life. To savor every moment becomes a challenge when we are continually pushed to avoid exceeding the “system”.

We live most of the time without realizing that we live. The automation provided to us by simplifying life but also lead to a less conscious life, disconnected from our bodies, our emotions, ourselves and even others. We stop listening because we lack time and put off until tomorrow, the weekend, a holiday. And that postponement virus hides upset because we must not take for custom to be left for later.

We need to hear, not just listen to others. We need more automatic and less conscious living life to recover if we have neglected, but also to get us more game while we experience the miracle of living. We need to correct some of our inertia, full speed, judgments and prejudices, once made, and since then, it may even be years, repeated, without questioning its truth. We need full of our own presence, the present and the real-life living. Because living in the mistakes is to live with a mind full of past. Because living in the desires is to live with a mind full of future. Because when the mind and body connected regenerate our own walk full of present health.

Being here and now is vital to facilitate the return to our nervous system to the lost balance between obligations, concerns and speed. We need more life present, immediate, simple, connected with ourselves, with our most basic nature, to breathe again. It sounds easy or unnecessary because all breathe. However, breathing consciousness is a discovery which strikes you, fills you with health and returns you to yourself. Move from doing to being a few minutes a day, a practice that fills us with vitality and fullness.

We need to strike a balance between automatic and controlled, between inertia and consciousness. On the one hand, be aware of every detail, all the time, require large doses of attention that would cause ceases to be adaptive. On the other hand, slow down, take more sometimes slow or slow and conscious way of life and thus be beneficial to us. We need to return to the pleasure of walking, riding a bicycle, to develop our recipes and not always feed us blow microwave, turn off the television and mobile, in no hurry to talk back.

We decrease in things we need to grow in experience. Reconnecting with our essence, our nature, much less artificial and more egalitarian than some have and endeavor to sell.

Build more life in the small, in the details, to appreciate and to again become aware that, as in the following video, any time, lived consciously, it is a unique and extremely valuable time.

Live a life full of life. Live more conscious moments of life.

It is for this new philosophy of life that many people seek secluded places full of nature to go and relax, rethink and live more intensely even vacation experience, and seek ecolodge 5-star hotels or in nature and simplicity, not in luxury and comfort.

Finca Exotica ecolodge is the ideal place to start that again felt more conscious living place as it is in the Paradise Playa Carate on the Osa Peninsula, and just four kilometers from the majestic Corcovado National Park, visit and fill of life in one of the most vivid places on earth.

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