Top best beaches to surf in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations among surfers. Bathed by two oceans, this beautiful country is paradise for those who enjoy surf as well as the lay-back, pleasant and vibrant beach lifestyle. Choose among hundreds of beautiful beaches along the Costa Rican coasts, each with its own personality and particular charm. Here are some recommendations to help you find your favorite among the best beaches in Costa Rica to surf.

Which could be the best beaches in Costa Rica

  1. Santa Teresa and Mal País. These twin beaches, wide and golden, are among the most popular surf spots of the moment. They offer a variety of world class breaks and the surf is very consistent throughout the year. On top of the high-quality waves, add up the neighboring town´s charm, where it is still possible to buy from the local fishermen freshly caught fish to prepare a barbecue in the purest Central American style or visit the premises that are near the beach, which boast of having some of the best dishes in the country.
  2. Guiones (Nosara). Great for everybody, on this beach you will find waves appropriate for all skill levels depending on the spot and the tides. This quality makes it attractive for both, those who are catching their first wave as well as for the most veteran surfers. In addition it always has a splendid weather and a lot of personality. In fact, its people usually define it like this: “No shoes, no shirt, Nosara.” Why? It’s a paradise for surfers, and have you seen any surfer wearing any shoes or a shirt
  3. Dominical used to be a small fishing village on the southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica which, due to its magnificent beaches surrounded by tropical jungle and the quality of its waves, has become an ideal destination for those who enjoy the adrenaline of this sport. Due to the power and intensity of the waves and currents we recommend it for well experienced surfers, always with great caution.
  4. Hermosa (Jaco). This black sand beach is recognized worldwide for its tubular and fast waves. Surfers from all over the world visit this beach in the Costa Rican province of Puntarenas where the waves reach up to 13 meters high and is the home of the international Quicksilver surfing championship that takes place every year in August. Besides the sea, you can enjoy a lively nightlife in the attractive local bars or, if you prefer to enjoy nature, the Manuel Antonio National Park is just 45 minutes away by car.
  5. Naranjo (Santa Rosa National Park). In addition to having extraordinary waves, Playa Naranjo is located within the Santa Rosa National Park, a natural sanctuary where you can observe the enormous biodiversity of this area. Located in a secluded area within the protected area, suitable for camping, this superb beach is the stage where the famous “Roca Bruja” stands, an icon for surfers at heart.

Extra Heads-up!

Matapalo. World class stuff. We are sure that extreme water sports enthusiasts will love this beach. It has three excellent breaking points that surfers love, especially locals.

The best conditions are at mid tide with swells from the west and southwest. In ideal conditions, in Pan Dulce beach, with currents of the south in average tide, it is not rare to find sections of 500 yards. There is also lots of fun for those who wish to do longboarding since the beach offers very good slopes. As if that were not enough, it is located in the Osa Peninsula, very close to the Corcovado National Park. That means you can plan a getaway that combines nature + beach + active tourism without the need to commute hours to change adventure. For all these reasons, we include it, without a doubt, as one of the best beaches in Costa Rica.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to take a look at our surf tour in Matapalo.