Jungle cabin in a luxurious vegetation

Chi Cabin

Located in the midst of our garden, this cabin is surrounded by thick vegetation, creating a peaceful, secluded haven that is perfect for couples, singles or friends.

This cozy, uniquely crafted bungalow boasts a lounge area with a built in couch and hammock, perfect for relaxing and observing the local birds and other wildlife. Chi features a king sized bed that can be swapped for 2 single beds, a private bathroom and outdoor shower and quick beach access, just a 3 minute walk to the shore.

The Framework combines wood and bamboo, and the hybrid roof is made from tin, reed and palm thatch. Built without full walls, guests in Chi Cabin will have cool, fresh air all night long, making this cabina the ideal place to catch a deep sleep after spending the day hiking, exploring our property, or passing the time on the beach!

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  •  Near the beach (3min walk)
  •  Space: 2 people
  •  Private room with a king size bed or 2 single beds
  •  Private bathroom
  •  Outdoor shower
  •  No hot water
  •  No fans
  •  Living with out walls
  •  Front deck: lounging area & hammock