Corcovado Camping: Places to Camp in Costa Rica

The spectrum of camping definitions is extensive.  For some it is a rustic return to their roots with just a sleeping bag, tent and their own hands to survive, while others identify camping with a less extreme experience that could even include a luxurious caravan.

It doesn’t matter which end of the spectrum one is on, the majority of camping enthusiasts are pursuing a remote location far away from technology and civilization with the common objective of simply enjoying nature. 

Why are people interested in Camping in Corcovado?

The untamed beauty is remarkable and the benefits of being immersed in nature are so profound that it comes as no surprise that more and more people are seeking down to earth accommodations.

Due to its location, landscapes, exotic virgin forest, enchanting waterfalls, peaceful clearings and remarkable beaches, that are some of the few that remain at times exclusive, Corcovado is one of the most sought after wildernesses for camping in Costa Rica.  It is a zone so diverse that it incorporates more than 500 species of trees, 140 distinct kinds of mammals, 367 birds, 40 river fish and over 117 of its own amphibians.

Although camping is not allowed within park limits, you can stay the night in the facilities constructed for this purpose or find a near place to stay. Finca Exotica offers a tour that not only guides you through the trails and sights of the park but also takes care of all the logistics of entrance tickets and permits to spend the night inside of the protected area.  You may also choose a day tour and stay the night more comfortably in the Tiki Tent Camp.

Glamping: an exclusive and unique alternative

If you like camping, for sure you will also enjoy taking this activity to a different level: glamping, an excellent combo of nature and comfort that allows you to rest fully.

The word glamping is a fusion of the words glamour and camping.  It keeps the original concept of open air camping where you can enjoy the nature and freedom that provides while simultaneously having access to all the amenities of the best hotels.

You can still enjoy roasted marshmallows over the bonfire, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave behind home cooked or internationally exotic meals.  At dinner time all you have to worry about is finding your place at the table.

The same idea applies to the bathrooms in glamping, you have a fully functional bathroom and shower.  Aren´t  you imagining it yet?  Check out our  Glamping Camp and discover how your adventure could be!

At Finca Exotica you can enjoy the most exclusive and original glamping to be found.