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Sustainable Rainforest Restaurant

After many years of existing in Markus’ imagination, this sustainably built rainforest restaurant manifested itself in February of 2010. The crew of builders and collaborators joined forces to harvest bamboo from our own farm, collect ‘wood scraps’ from tropical hardwoods, and design a building that, using the pacific breeze and bright tropical sun, requires very little energy input. The energy efficient design using hardwood and bamboo sourced from our own property make this edifice a prime example of sustainable architecture!

This solar-powered jungle headquarters is outfitted with a first class kitchen, hammocks, handmade furniture, a disco ball and an observation deck – here we eat organic food, play, stargaze, dance, laugh, relax, birdwatch, read books and join together to contemplate it all.

We also take pride in serving the high quality, fresh food. Your meals here will be a highlight of your trip, as evidenced by many glowing Trip Advisor reviews! Read more about our food here.

Natural Setting

With living trees growing right through the structure and thick plant life all around, our rainforest restaurant, Casa Grande, is intertwined with nature, creating a relaxing ambiance to enjoy meals, activities and share time with each other.

Our jungle restaurant features one big table that can fit all of our guests. We serve our meals family style, providing a nice opportunity to get to know fellow travelers, exchange stories, and make new friends. When you come this far out into the jungle you are bound to meet interesting, like-minded individuals. The people you meet here can be the best part of your visit! We are also more than happy to arrange a private table if you are having a celebration or would like a night to yourselves.

Organic Smoothie and Cocktail Bar

Before, during or after your meals, we encourage you to try one of our exotic smoothies, made with fruits and herbs, many of which were grown in our garden! We have an abundance of fruits ripening all year round on our property, including tropical bananas, starfruit, soursop, coconuts, mangos and more. Ask us what is in season and enjoy a delicious drink as exquisite as it is nutritious (pro-tip: go for a choco-banana smoothie with organic cacao sourced from a local family farm!)

Our rainforest restaurant introduction won’t be complete if we forget to tell you that we also offer a full bar with beer, wine and cocktails. Enjoy a piña coolada, a margarita, a fresh mint mojito, or simply kick back with a beer and good company while watching the sunset and enjoying a pre-dinner snack.

Observation Deck

Healthy Food

Smoothie and Cocktail Bar