Costa Rica waterfalls: a spellbinding attraction

Costa Rica waterfalls: a spellbinding attraction

Costa Rica is a country rich in natural attractions. It is easy to feel attracted by its nature, its warm temperature, and its untamed wildlife – full of protected species –. Some experts qualify them as one of the most impressive environment in the world. Fresh and salt water also plays a leading role in the landscape. Costa Rica waterfalls use to be some of the places that tourists want to know.

3 Costa Rica waterfalls that you can´t miss

If you are thinking about visiting the country and you want to be tempted by the waterfalls we suggest you some of the most recommended. Of course, consider that your experience will be more rewarding if the trip includes, in addition to the fall of the water, stay in a place with an idyllic natural environment

  1. Del Toro Waterfall: Del Toro Waterfall is located in the area known as Bajos del Toro, in the Valverde Vega canton, at Alajuela province. Specifically, within a protected area of ​​the Juan Castro Blanco National Park and it is a private property. In addition to the beauty of the cloud forest where it is located, it has 90 meters of spectacular fall, which attracts numerous visitors and curious.
  1. Nauyaca Waterfalls: Among Costa Rica waterfalls, we have two of the most immersive ones belonging to the Barucito River: The Nauyaca Waterfalls. One of the falls measures forty-five meters in free fall and the other one twenty meters in stepped drop, creating at the button, natural pools of smaller size that can be used for the enjoyment of all the family. You can visit it in the canton of Pérez Zeledón, located in the province of San José; and it is a must stop if you travel to the southern Pacific of Costa Rica.
  1. La Llorona and other Corcovado Waterfalls:  At Corcovado National Park and its surroundings, you can also enjoy some natural waterfalls. One of the most common is La Llorona, where, when flowing into the sea, the Llorona River forms waterfalls of indescribable beauty. Although there is no access road, those who have arrived there say that the effort is worthwhile.

Nearby the Corcovado National Park there are many other easily accessible and beautiful waterfalls (such as the Rio Piro Waterfall) that you can enjoy while doing activities such as a nature hike or a horseback riding.

If you plan to visit the Osa Peninsula you are one step away from getting to know a real and spectacular ecolodge: Finca Exótica, here you can combine yoga, permaculture, hiking and of course visit some of the beautiful Costa Rica Waterfalls.