Costa Rica: paradise to travel throughout the year

With the cold of winter still upon us, it is time to think of the paradisiacal places to which we can travel in winter, in summer all year long! Therefore, in this blog we are going to talk about Costa Rica: one of those ideal sites. Well here you can travel in any time, since it is the ideal place to travel throughout the year.

A travel to the tropical paradise

In many countries of the globe, the weather does not improve until well into the year. For that reason, having a list of paradises of which to flee while the cold lashes our cities, is always the best option. The same happens with summer: while the heat drowns us, it is always good to flee to a green season.

Therefore, among the preferred options of the world’s travelers, the nations of the tropics always top the lists.

A German acquaintance told us once that after enduring the winter of Hamburg where it begins to snow since mid-October, the warmth of the tropical beaches, are a blessing and a delight. Here in the tropics, visitors will find an area of ​​the world where extreme climates do not exist. There are no strenuous summers or winters where the cold hits you. What there is is sun, beach, sand and paradise. That makes this land ideal for your travel throughout the year.

In addition to having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, one of the factors that makes the tropics even more spectacular is its climate season. While in the north and south of the planet, the cold and the intermittent heat dominate the temperature, in the tropics we enjoy the best time always.

High season, fresh and dry

Here the climate is divided into two: high season and green season.

The first is the season of less rain. The high season, from December to April is the dry season. In it the precipitations are smaller and the temperature is warm, but always fresh. The green paradise of the movies you see about the Caribbean.

Here, you can enjoy more of the delights of the beaches and tourist attractions of the area. It does not rain much and the heat does not suffocate you. Nature opens and you can enjoy the sea, the volcanoes and nature with the best climate.

In January, February, March … when the snow does not let you leave home, escaping to Costa Rica is always the best option. Let the pages say that even March, this month that begins, is the best to visit this country. In March, where the rains are getting smaller, it is the ideal time for you.

That is why we recommend you already, that if you are still looking to escape the cold, plan your trip to this part of the world. Costa Rica, one of the best destinations in the area and awaits you with the doors open.

But not only in this season but throughout the year!

Green season

Did you know that one of the best times to appreciate flora and fauna is during rainy weather? That’s why it’s impossible to rule out the season from May to August, just because it rains a little more.

In the rainy, true, here the climate is very, very intense. The rain will be denser and the sun will be more scarce but that does not say anything. In this season you can escape the heat of the north that already begins to suffocate you and enjoy the tropical freshness.

Here nature turns green. We want to say really green! to welcome you with open arms. So you can enjoy the thousands of species of one of the countries with the most biodiversity in the world and in all its splendor. Costa Rica possesses 1% of the planet’s biodiversity. And a large part of that biodiversity is waiting for you in the south of the country. Mainly in the Corcovado National Park. What awaits you greener than ever, at that time of year.

If you feel like fleeing the cold of the northern hemisphere in July or the extreme heat of the north in August, this is the place for you.

South of Costa Rica

These are just some of the reasons why you should not think about it anymore and come. That one of the ideal places to travel in any part of the year is, definitely: Costa Rica.

One of the best destinations in all of Costa Rica is, without doubt, its southern area. The cantons of Osa, Corredores and Golfito, have some of the best beaches in the country. Better beaches and also better national parks because Bahía Ballena and Manuel Antonio, are among the best in the world.

The park, however, which, as we already told you, stands out most in the region, definitely, the Corcovado National Park.  A park that, by the way, becomes ideal in the northern winter season because it is the least rainy in this area.

For this reason, it is just at this time that tourists can enjoy more strongly the natural wonders of the south of the country. Even before, the area closed the visits in the months of September and October, in the northern summer, to avoid rains. Now the park is usually open all year round so, again, it makes it perfect for you, all year round.

Paradise in the jungle

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