What better way to enjoy your time in Costa Rica than in the tropical jungle beach Paradise of Finca Exotica Eco Lodge! Being a tropical paradise surrounded by sun and sea, the lifestyle is casual, relaxed and about enjoying life. So when you’re here, indulge in our tropical lifestyle by getting out and seeing the beach, perhaps while sipping a cocktail while watching the sunset or getting off the beaten path to see some unique spots. Go stargazing at Casa Grande or beat a drum to the rhythm of the waves. Relax, slow down to Tico time and enjoy our tropical lifestyle to the full.

Enjoy our top 10 tips for making the most of your time here at Finca Exotica:

USE YOUR SENSES: Here at Finca Exotica we are proud of the fact that we run in a sustainable way. This includes our energy source and use. We run 100% on solar and hydro power, generating our own electricity right on site. Pretty cool, right! For that reason, we recommend ‘turning off’ and only charging during daylight hours. We do of course offer free wi-fi for all guests at the Beach House area, but try not to spend your whole vacation online or you will miss the delights happening all around you!

SPOIL YOUR TASTE BUDS: Did you know that Finca Exotica has its own organize farm on site? You do now! We grow over 80 fruit species plus herbs and many other yummy treats. You name it we have it: Turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, cassava, cacao… the list goes on. Wander the garden area and pick a snack. Take a seat at our delightful communal dining area at Casa Grande and enjoy the enticing ambiance as your taste buds are awakened with the exotic flavours of our custom dishes. Come and let us spoil you.

GRAB YOUR SUNSCREEN: Our warmth is not just found in our hospitality. We are probably much closer to the equator than the place you call home so expect it to be somewhat hotter with some humidity thrown in there too! It is a wonderful climate that so many of our guests enjoy since it is a world apart from home…. Don’t forget your sunscreen! We enjoy about 12 hours of daylight throughout the year, and rain or shine you will never be cold.

RELAX AND UNWIND: Swing away and watch the pelicans and scarlet macaws fly overhead as you cool down to the breeze of the Pacific ocean just steps from your elegant Finca Exotica accommodation. There is nothing more soothing than the crashing of the turquoise waves as the jungle orchestra sings in the background. Sip away at your freshly picked coconut and enjoy the delights that our surrounding nature has to offer.

EXPLORE: Finca Exotica is actually part of Saimiri Wildlife Refuge, totalling 90+ hecatres of pristine primary and secondary forest teeming with wildlife at all turns. You may catch sights of monkeys, sloths and even toucans while at the same time connecting sights with ancient trees that are so big they seem to grow up into the clouds. Watch in amazement as green and black posion dart frogs pass you on the trail, hopping through lines of leaf cutter ants busy at work for their colonies.

CATCH A WAVE: Boogie board until your heart’s content on Carate Beach. The waves are perfect at low tide for body surfing using our complimentary beach toys. Low tide also happens to be the same time that rip currents are at their weakest and so also making it a safer swim in the big blue wonder that is the Pacific Ocean.

TONE ‘N’ TREAT THOSE MUSCLES: You will probably find yourself with some aching legs after your long hikes so what better way to treat yourself than with an hour-long treatment in our gorgeous tiki massage hut. We offer Thai and relaxing massages, and can even extend massage times for those looking for extra indulgence. For those wanting to ‘stretch out’ try one of our morning or afternoon hatha yoga sessions. Routine stretching and breathing really can enhance your life so take this wonderful opportunity here in our jungle paradise.

ACTIVITIES GALORE: Get out and about! We can offer you many activities offsite including sunset horse riding along the beach, lagoon kayaking, Corcovado National Park hikes to name just a few of the options. A day never has to be dull here with so many nature opportunities. With so many fantastic opportunities at your doorstep, you will not know which one to choose first!

PINA COLADA O’CLOCK: A holiday is made for cocktail drinking or cocktail drinking is made for a holiday? Either way, we offer you a delicious selection of custom made drinks made with love and locally grown ingredients. Sip on your tipple of choice while stargazing above in Casa Grande. Never has the sky felt so full of lights! With minimal light pollution we are spoilt nightly with a glittery blanket above, never short of majestic shooting stars. It really is out of this world.

ASK AWAY! Our talented and motivated staff team are always around and happy to help with any questions you may have. Paradise is a feeling and we want you to feel that when you stay with us. If you have any comments, please speak up. We are here for you. Don’t be shy, just ask our friendly staff!