What to do in Costa Rica: 5 options to complete your trip

Costa Rica has developed a name for itself that responds almost naturally to what it can offer tourists. It is also the motto of all Costa Ricans: Pura Vida (translating literally as ‘Pura Life’). With this saying in mind, you may possibly get a good idea of the incredible adventures and plans available for those who are thinking about what to do in Costa Rica. It is not a coincidence that the small country of Central America appears in all the essential travel guides, nor that it has been chosen as a recommended destination by the most prestigious magazines.

The Corcovado National Park area has been classified by National Geographic as «the most intense place in the world, biologically speaking», therefore, this area is undoubtedly our main recommendation.

I advise you that your decision for itinerary options will not be easy, here we just give you some of many options that you can choose on what to do in Costa Rica:

5 options to complete your trip to Costa Rica

1. Tortuguero National Park: For lovers of nature in its purest essence. Probably one of the most exclusive natural places that Costa Rica hides, it is the natural habitatfor several species of sea turtles. One of its main attractions is to observe the turtles nesting, which occurs during the night and early morning hours. The nesting season of the green turtle (Chelonia mydas) covers the months of July, August, September and October and the leatherback turtle (Dermochelys coriacea) from January to June.

2. Manuel Antonio National Park: The most visited national park in the country. Walking trails surrounded by wildlife and resting on picture perfect beaches are options that promise to captivate your senses.The magic of the beach and the greenery of the forest come together in one place, and the result is a natural paradise. Not in vain, the Manuel Antonio National Park is the Protected Wild Area that receives the largest number of national and international tourists. In addition to beaches, the Park offers a very humid tropical forest where species of flora and fauna in danger of extinction coexist, as well as mangroves, marine environments, islands and a lagoon of 14 hectares in size.

3. Monteverde: A must for fans of adventure tourism. It is a place of cloud forests and coffee plantations, monkeys, jungle fog and friendly people. Due to its high altitude, at about 4,662 feet (1,440 m) above sea level, Monteverde has the privilege of receiving a constant supply of clouds and moisture that is often seen as fog. Visitors can explore this internationally recognized environment via trails, or through the best canopy tours in the world.

4. Cahuita: Caribbean to another level. The Cahuita National Park is one of the most beautiful reserves, its white beaches and thick forests that reach the coastline being just some of the reasons. The town is located right at the entrance to the park and offers a wide range of local tours to enjoy the park, snorkel in the wonderful multicolored reefs that characterize the region and simply enjoy the surroundings of Cahuita. Fun and parties are part of the everyday life in Cahuita. Here you will find a good offer of places to enjoy the Caribbean way of life; bars, discos, nightclubs or simply the activity that occurs on the beach, allowing visitors to soak up this rich culture and assimilate all its vitality.

5. Volcán Poás: The force of nature and the coolness of the clouds mix. It is active, has one of the largest craters in the world and is located in the mountainous forests of the Central Volcanic Mountain Range, so it boasts magnificent natural landscapes: this is the Poás Volcano National Park. Being located in the province of Alajuela, it offers visitors good access from the main cities of the country. This place allows you to explore its attractions through a network of trails, in a cold climate tinged especially by a light drizzle that prevails most of the year. You can also enjoy the varied gastronomy, full of fruits, such as strawberries, and also some dairy products.

With these options of 5 things to do in Costa Rica to complete your trip we know that it will not be an easy decision, so if you have questions you can contact us through our website or you can have a look at our adventure packages. This way, you will only have to make the decision: When will your trip be?