Festival in Costa Rica: Envision Festival

If we think about “Festival Costa Rica“, the options are plenty, but without doubt there is one that right now stands out above all: Envision. The cultural richness of this country added to its exuberant natural diversity make it a perfect destination to dive freely into stimulating and dynamic experiences as well as deep and relaxing ones. Envision is a 4 day event in a privileged location. The magic happens in a geographical point where the most significant traces of the Costa Rican identity converge with the extraordinary beauty of its landscapes; at a place where the Pacific Ocean meets the wild jungle. Do you want to know what their activities are?

Costa Rica Festival: Envision

Envision is an event aimed at awakening all aspects of human potential. Its participants have an unbeatable platform to meet new and exciting cultures. In this meeting, diversity is a fundamental value in which everyone learns from everyone.

The goal of this festival in Costa Rica is for people to come seeking for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

In addition, there is the possibility of a total immersion in activities related to sport and education. On the other hand, the true center of interest is to learn from the regenerative strategies that are taught there and take advantage of the intimate connection with nature that reigns in this environment. At the end of the day, this communion with Mother Nature is the ideal setting for ideas to emerge and to create bonds of collaboration.

What activities can be carried out at the festival?

This Costa Rican festival of renown renown international prestige has eight columns that define its philosophy. They are:

  • Music: enjoy the best concerts, know exotic instruments and, if you are one of those who have their own talent in this field, do not hesitate to join the party with your own musical creations.
  • Movement: Yoga and dancing are basic elements of this festival. Do not forget that Costa Rica is a country with a long tradition in both disciplines.
  • Art: at this festival, art is not only a mere conductor of our individual creativity, it has a very prominent role as a therapeutic tool.
  • Bio-construction: It is an ecological and sustainable construction method. Learn its principles and join the collective tasks that are carried out under its precepts.
  • Health: Through alternative and natural practices you can regenerate your health. There are guides at your disposal that will take you by the hand to a better state of your well-being.
  • Community: Learn from others and open up so that they can also access your knowledge. Envision gives much importance to the communal spirit to reach the most amazing places of the psyche.
  • Permaculture: Starting from the conscious design and the promotion of productive agricultural ecosystems, you will be able to learn more about the magnificent Costa Rican variety of natural environments.
  • Spirituality: Connect with your deepest truth and find peace and balance.

Also enjoy surfing and sightseeing at beautiful beaches bathed by sun and salt, enchanting waterfalls, indigenous villages and much more. Everything that contributes to establish links with the environment and make you feel renewed is a welcome experience. What are you waiting to enjoy this Festival Costa Rica?

If you have already made up your mind and are looking for a place to arrive to before the festival or somewhere to rest after the intense days of activities, Finca Exótica is a choice that suits the spirit of this international gathering. To book an alternative lodging, surrounded by nature and full with holistic activities, don´t forget to take a look at our website.