Finca Exotica invites you to join our chefs in learning new delicious gluten

Finca Exotica invites you to join our chefs in learning new delicious gluten-free recipes. We are interested in constantly improving the nutritional value and health of the food we serve. Thus, we have invited an expert in gluten-free baking to teach us new techniques and creative combinations of ingredients for cookies, cakes, pancakes, muffins, the always adored naan, sprouted rolls, dessert bars and more. If you would like to go home with some scrumptious new meals, join us!

If you are interested please let us know, the cost of the workshop is $20 per person per day (each day includes a workshop of 3-4 hours) and you can choose how many days you would like to participate. Here is the schedule:

Finca Exotica Gluten-free Workshop Schedule

Day 1- March 30: Cookies/Bars
Raw Cacao Brownies
Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies
Chewy Chocolate with Chip-Sea Salt
Oatmeal Mango Bars
Passion Fruit Sandwich Cookies

Day 2- March 31: Cakes
Coffee Cake with Cinnamon Streusel Topping
Buttermilk Pound Cake with Lemon Glaze
Almond Flour Chocolate Cake with chocolate avocado frosting
Papaya Cake Upside Down Cake

Day 3- April 1: Quick Breads/Muffins/Pancakes
Coconut Flour Banana Chocolate
Chip Muffins
Coconut Flour Sweet Potato Toasted Coconut Muffin
Power Packed Pancakes with Papaya Syrup
Oat-Plantain Flour Pancakes with Passion Fruit Cream
Coconut Flour Sprouted Corn Bread with Honey-butter

Day 4-April 2: Breads/Rolls
Sweet Potato Slider Rolls
Yuca Dinner Rolls
Sweet Potato Sprouted Grain Bread/Rolls
Cassava Sprouted Millet Bread

Day 5- April 3: Flatbreads/Pizza Crust and Naan
Yuca Flatbread
Sprouted Brown Rice Flour-Chia Naan
Cast Iron Skillet Sprouted Grain Pizza Crust

Day 6- April 4: Pastry/Desserts
Costa Rican Fresh Fruit Galette
Passion Fruit Puddings
Fresh Mango Dessert Bars
Individual Chocolate Lava Cakes