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Inner harmony, a new lifestyle.

The inner harmony is the balance in our life, calm, peace and quiet even amist the bustle. Many people crave harmony in their lives but they do not know what it means or have no idea of ​​how to achieve and justify that the world no longer allows us to be harmonious. But the truth is that having internal harmony, depends solely on us, communication we have with our own self.

It is true that today strongly promotes the desire you have to live, to do things, loud noises, rapid footsteps of the people, the atmosphere polluted by smoke from the cars, strict liability numbing our be, among a few other things …

And sometimes it’s easy to think that our lack of harmony is due to all this, to live in the midst of hectic and busily environments. But today I want to say that’s not exactly true, you can have inner harmony where you live, and you can find peace within yourself absolutely no matter what.

So that you understand me better, I want you to consider the following:

No matter the exterior, what counts is your Interior

Maybe around you there are people screaming, maybe your neighbour has loud music, maybe in your city streets are crowded and the temperature is rising more and more, maybe in your house there is never a moment of silence… But none of this will affect your inner harmony if you have it.

The inner harmony is silent, is peace, is rest … No matter what happens to you outside, nothing has the power to affect what is within you, but yourself.

If you really want to have harmony within you, then all external noise must pass to the background because now everything is in yourself.

Now, there can be times when you find yourself needing to renew this internal harmony, finding yourself away from everything and everyone to just be you, be you. Search time alone in spaces where you can close your eyes and feel peace, to feel like a spring inside you that exudes joy, love, being. Looking at nature, plan your vacations to exotic and remote locations such as eco-lodges.

This will help you stand more firmly when you face a maximalist and noisy world.

Harmony endures through situations

Maybe the world is not in harmony, the wars and conflicts that you have to the left and right of you … But none of this will have to affect the harmony that you decide to build yourself within you. No external power or situations can destroy the basis of harmony you have created, if you will stand firm and do not let yourself be moved by strong winds. No matter what happens, harmony is like happiness … You will be harmonious.

Being stays with you forever, and every day you’re looking to become stronger.

If you want a perfect, peaceful, place in perfect harmony with nature, to internalize and enjoy yourself with new eyes that are changing in your lifestyle you are opening, Finca Exotica ecolodge, is the ideal place. Carate is beautiful beach, walks inside the property with primary forest trails, or walk to the Corcovado National Park that will give you the experience of harmony with the environment and with yourself.

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