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Eco Lodging in Corcovado Costa Rica

Handcrafted jungle cabins and tents bordering Corcovado National Park and Carate beach!

Here at Finca Exotica ecolodge we offer the best lodging in Corcovado, from glamping in tiki tents to deluxe jungle cabins with breathtaking views.

Depending on your budget and group size, you may choose a more luxurious option such as Rancho, a 5 person, 2 story cabin with a stunning ocean vista, or the more intimate and secluded Ranchito. For our guests who wish to keep it simple, the tiki tents in our garden area offer a deep immersion in the environment while being super cozy and bug proof.

All of our accomodations come with outdoor showers with refreshing, cool water that you will love after a long day in the jungle. We provide complimentary soap, shampoo and towels for all of our guests, and we use eco-friendly and bio degradable brands.

All of our cabins come with lighting, but we also offer candles to our guests to create a relaxing environment. We have charging stations for your phones and camera batteries at Casa Grande and the Beach House, as well as in our deluxe cabins.

Please remember that when you choose to stay here at Finca Exotica Eco Lodge, you are choosing to immerse yourself in nature. All of our cabins are open air in order to foster a deeper connection with your surrounding environment. We build all of our structures as sustainably as possible, using minimal materials including bamboo that we grow here ourselves. If you are looking for lodging in Corcovado, a sustainable eco lodge like us is the way to go!

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