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Meditation, a simple practice for your retreat

Now that you have decided to take your first retreat, we want to share one of the most effective practices of relaxation and internalization that you will experience in your new lifestyle.

Meditation. Many things in life are beyond our control, the purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind and provide peaceful space amid the demands of life. It’s easy to feel stressed or overworked, meditation will help to considerably reduce all of these sufferings of mind and the following is a practical and simple guide to starting your meditations:

Meditation –Breathe. Stop all distractions and try to bring your mind to a state as clearly and lucid as possible. Start by finding a beautiful, comfortable, quiet place for sitting .You can do the meditation in the traditional cross-legged posture or any other position that is comfortable for your body. Make sure that the position of your back is straight and help the mind to find equilibrium in the body so that it does not feel tired. Calmly, with eyes closed slightly turn your attention to your breathing. The goal of meditation is to breathe naturally through the nose, and become aware of the sensation of the breath as it enters and leaves the body. Any distraction or thought that comes to mind, try to leave it alone and exclude it. Your mind is probably filled with many different thoughts, but resist the temptation to follow them as they arise, and continue focusing on the sensation of breathing. If the mind loses against concentration, very quietly return to the start and focus all attention on the process of breathing again. Do not feel pressured if at first you cannot achieve total concentration. Remember that meditation is an exercise, therefore, practice is essential, to experience the greater benefits of this over time.

Benefits of Meditation:

It provides an experience of inner peace and relaxation. It produces a mental sense of freshness and clarity of your mind. Experience the inner relief and satisfaction to achieve control of your thoughts and a calm state of mind. Remove harmful, painful memories and bad emotions. It helps reduce stress and anxiety. Something as simple as deep respiration can make a big difference. Of course, there are other methods of meditation slightly more complex that you can also learn such as Buddhist meditation. Buddhist meditation practices are methods that encourage development of concentration, clarity, and emotional positivity. According to Buddha, Buddhist meditation is the most important thing that we can do. Buddhism teaches that it is the only real solution and cure for anxiety, hatred, drowsiness and confusion which lies in human existence. For generations, different meditation practices were developed in Buddhist tradition. Countless styles and methods follow the same standards of training the mind, but they have many approaches. Many people also choose to take so-called meditation retreats, which involve longer stays in ideal places to learn and reach deeper state of meditation as well as other withdrawals undertaken alone. If you are one of those people who has decided to do it independently, Finca Exotica is the ideal place.

Our wonderful yoga platform overlooking the Pacific Ocean and primary forest is an ideal environment for your first withdrawal. You can also meditate on our beautiful beach, where the colors of the sea will take you to a state of total peace, and we will complement the exquisite experience with organic food from our spectacular restaurant.

Come and meditate on a piece of paradise!

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