Healthy food prepared with farm products

Healthy Food

Ingredients: Fresh, organic and local

At Finca Exotica we believe that the most important part of a healthy, nutritious diet starts with the highest quality ingredients. Boasting a robust garden and a wide variety of trees fruiting all year round, we harvest many of our ingredients right from our own soil. It can’t get any fresher than that!

Imagine a perfectly ripened jackfruit grown on site, complimented by a homemade curry using ginger, turmeric and kaffir lime leaves handpicked from the garden. Follow that up with banana bread smothered in chocolate sauce using our own bananas and cacao sourced from a local family. That is the day-to-day reality of our kitchen here at Finca Exotica!

Our grounds also produce chaiya (similar to spinach), basil, lemongrass and more, and we make regular use of all of these ingredients in preparing dishes inspired by Asian, Middle Eastern, Indian and Ayurvedic cuisines.

We also source fresh caught fish from local fisherman as well as organic chicken, beef and eggs from local farmers. Produce deliveries twice at week round out our shopping list, ensuring that the food that arrives on your plate is wholesome, nourishing, fresh and delicious!

Special Diets

¨Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food¨

Our chefs have extensive professional experience and are well versed in a wide variety of techniques and cooking styles. We are able to accommodate any dietary needs you may have. Whether you eat vegan, vegetarian, raw food, gluten free, or have an allergy, our team will curate a menu specifically tailored to your requests. Whatever healthy food means for you, we can provide it:

“I have been to Finca Exotica 4 times now (so clearly I love it) and I must say this last trip the food was beyond amazing. Finca always does an excellent job at meeting every guest’s dietary needs. This trip my fiancé and I were doing a raw food diet and the chefs took our diet to the next level. Not only was the food delicious, it was pure art!”- Nicole, May 2019

“I told them when I arrived of a few different food sensitivities and these were adhered to with such care, and without me ever having to remind them. I felt so cared for.” - Treg, April 2019


Varied, plentiful, healthy and awesome

Each morning breakfast is from 7-9. You can help yourself to a buffet of assorted, in season fruits, granola and yogurt as well as coffee, tea and juice to get your day started right! We follow that up with a full, hot breakfast featuring toast, jam and some variation of eggs, pancakes, Mexican sopes or the Costa Rican classic gallo pinto.

At lunch, served from 12-1, we offer a single course including a light, refreshing salad as well as rice, veggies, soup and sometimes chicken or beef. One day may be a curry, the next may be sushi, falafel, or something you have never even heard of. Our chefs dedicate much time and planning to creating new tastes, textures and experiences each day, no matter how long you stay with us!

Our dinners, however, are definitely the meal you will remember most. Enjoy snacks (homemade chips, fried plantains, ceviche, etc.) from 6-7, grab a drink at the bar and relax while watching the sunset. At 7 you will join all of your fellow guests around our big table and share a meal with interesting people from all over the world! This 3 course meal featuring an appetizer, an entrée and a dessert is a great chance to connect to fellow guests, and feel that much more immersed in your environment.

It is common to find our guests dining on a homemade curry or a fresh, local fish like mahi mahi, as well as delectable veggies such as Costa Rica’s hidden gem breadfruit. Pineapple flambé, chocolate banana ice cream, or chia, coconut and raw sugarcane balls are just a few examples of the desserts we create to end your night on a high note.

With our open kitchen, you will always be able to talk to our chefs and even watch them making the magic happen! They are also more than happy to share recipes for you to take home to recreate for friends and family.

We work hard to bring healthy food and a personal touch to every meal and to create an environment where everyone feels relaxed and at home. But don’t take our word for it, please read some of our reviews on TripAdvisor and Almost everyone leaves here impressed with our food!

“The breakfasts were varied, plentiful, healthy and awesome. Noon meals were wonderfully healthy and dinners were fantastic….”      Michael, March 2019



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