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The spiritual path is a personal decision, something beyond knowledge. It is acquired reading and conducting research-an internal discovery that accelerates or slows as the events of our lives unfold. Did you know that spirituality is one of the simple practices for humans? All you need is to define your personal concept of spirituality and everything will just start flowing, gradually changing our lifestyle and we will start practicing various disciplines and exercises like yoga, meditation, breathing, healthy food, etc. Many of the people who visit us take Finca Exotica Eco Lodge as part of the start of this new and full of surprises pathway. The nature, peace, and exuberance of our eco lodge, coupled with the beauty of our Carate beach paradise, Finca Exotica has been the chosen place chosen for many on their first retreat and have experienced the beginnings of great awakening of the Inner Self. I have devoted myself during several days to read different articles on this topic and I found that the definitions written by Alejandro Rozitchner in an article for The Nation Argentina are pretty good and so would like to share them:

Spirituality is the full approval of life and the sustained affirmation of existence. There can be different ways of responding to this question. The author of this note tries to contribute ideas and of course other variables. Since spirituality can be conceived as a form of love, the spiritual world integrates many visions. The term also supports many uses. You may suggest religion, sublime feelings, elevated, quiet music, meditation, peace, temples, Orientalism. They are legitimate associations, but the sense of spirituality to which I refer in the first sentence of this article has a distinct character. If spirituality is supreme love, say, love for all, there would be more spiritual peace than war, meditation, religion that allows alcohol intoxication, abstinence of the sexual encounter.

Spirituality has to do with the full sense, with elevated views, but that fullness calls for an approach that while it has it´s difficult, it does not support the cultivation of objection and blame that usually characterizes many postures that are putting down roots in the field of spirituality looking for purity impossible. It is easy to misunderstand purity because purity does not mean necessarily denial or withdrawal of us, but understanding of high, transcendent nature of us. Yes, spirituality is difficult, but it is because it is a difficult affirmation of life. Generally it means accepting not ruling out the negative aspects, understanding global phenomenon and capturing its necessity and value. If you try the trick of discarding, ie, intent to leave out what does not satisfy us, that cut also an inability to accept reality. Spirituality is a fully integrated reality, accepting even to the point of constituting a challenge that is not easy to answer. Spiritual is seeing beyond the individual defensive existential position divisions. Spirituality does not expect or want a peaceful world without problems, ie a unrealistic and impossible world, it is rather to accept the value of this indomitable complexity in which we live helplessly, come to feel a love for all, claiming even the most difficult parts. Spirituality is being able to be here as full of meaning that eliminates the need to transform into a ghost and aspire to a disembodied afterlife. Spirituality is not overcoming the body, sensuality, the vehemence of the desire. It is precisely that which is spiritual body, both it´s perfect behavior and problems.

Nature rumbles from the big bang in an inexplicable supernatural experience, which puts us in a constantly lysergic and incomprehensible existence. That acceptance of the irrational, the realization that there is a limit for the explanation of phenomena and that even so life is wonderful and not becomes meaningless, it is what I think sums up the spiritual position. It is a capacity here and now, not a constant want. It does not seem correct to characterize the spirituality based on the rejection that is often described: is not spiritual being against consumerism, of frivolity, of the violence of modern life. This critical position, unhappy, embodies a vision slightly elevated existence, expresses an inability to live longer than the aspiration to a higher life, it is typical of a small look, unhappy, locked, pouty, scared. Spirituality is power, power that assumes that embodies everything. God does not lack, to be spiritual. God regulates and lowers the possibility of giving us an insurgent and claimed life. In the words of Zarathustra: “When you’ve denied me, I will be among you”. Breathing and stillness can be successful to acquire the perspective that we need for spirituality. Spirituality is to realize that the truth is everywhere. The value of spirituality is defined as a way to search for personal growth, which exceeds the usual look of reproach and dissatisfaction with the existence and transforms it into a position of acceptance, understanding, development and content. Acceptance, surprise, meeting, wonder of living and being that which has no explanation but it is consistent and makes sense. The contribution of spirituality is to place ourselves at the center of life conceived as an adventure and not a problem, as an uncertain possibility, challenging and extraordinary, that makes us suffer and enjoy and see that we know what extraordinary reality we really are in. Finca Exotica is the perfect place for you to perform your first personal retreat, visit and enjoy the silence within our yoga platform, delight your palate with our delicious organic food, and walk by our trails within the property, where the singing of birds and sightings of different species of animals, you will definitely feel close with the nature. Let your eyes be filled with the colors of the sky at sunset and relax in one of our hammocks in our beach area, where the sound of the blue sea ​​will make your experience something simply unforgettable.

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