Sustainable architecture: maximum comfort with the minimum ecological footprint

A model of tourism in which environmental conservation is the main goal is possible. This is the objective we have implemented in Finca Exotica Ecolodge from the beginning and that we will talk about in this article today. Sustainable architecture reaches all of our spaces and tourism is no exception.

Objective of the hotel

Finca is located in a natural paradise and that is why it is so important for us to protect our home. Therefore, we have implemented a model of sustainable architecture and living, which is built on the concept of land preservation.

We started from the basic: the production of our food.

On our organic farm, we produce many ingredients for our restaurant. Many ingredients you eat here will be organic and natural. In our gardens we grow lemon grass, turmeric, ginger, cilantro, cucumber, papaya, jackfruit, starfruit, mangos, and breadfruit. We serve menus instead of buffets to avoid wasting excess food.

At Finca Exótica you will enjoy an open handmade cabin, equipped with a mosquito net, to allow the entrance of the breeze: the best air conditioning in the jungle. Another detail to consider and enjoy is that there is no hot water in our open-air showers. Wi-Fi is only available at Beach House, which is our office and shared space. We take true connection with nature to the next level. 

We work with solar energy and we do our best to reduce the generation of waste and optimize  in the management of these. We repeat: we are already in paradise and that is why we are so aware of the need to protect it.

Another integral aspect of Finca Exotica is sustainable architecture. This model is present in each and every one of our spaces to reach that friendly and disconnected space that we know you are looking for.

Sustainable architecture in all our spaces.

The concept of sustainable architecture is very broad and goes beyond what people normally imagine. It transcends the use of technological tools to reduce the carbon footprint (such as led luminaires or sanitary slabs that reduce water consumption), it is much more than that.

This is an architecture model that is characterized by the fact that from the first moment of design and pre-updating of the spaces, they start from the principle of sustainability and conservation. Thus, it looks for completeness in all its branches.

As a responsible host with land, we design our consumption and construction patterns. All our cabins were built under the concept of “open space”. This allows us to take full advantage of sunlight and the breeze and spend, effectively, less energy on air conditioners and electricity. The objective organically, and we are emphatic in this, goes far beyond energy saving: the goal is preservation. That is what we are aiming for.

Sustainable construction

The main structures of our hotel are made of bamboo. In addition, the species that surround our green space (like our Garden) are not invasive and that allows us to always have construction material without damaging the environment.

Sustainable construction is a perennial job that is maintained throughout the year and throughout our life as a company. In the hotel, the cutting and collection of these bamboo species takes place in the month of February each year. The rest of the year the material is replenished and the sowing and the abundant rain of the winter season always helps us.

We replace every part of the nature that we use in the service provided. We must always be sure that our needs correspond to the resources available in the environment. This allows us to work without altering their balance and collaborating with nature.

Sustainable architecture is so present in all our spaces, that it reaches the restaurant and the yoga platform.

Our Casa Grande Restaurant, builded in 2010, is outfitted with a first class kitchen, hammocks, handmade furniture, a disco ball and an observation deck – here we eat organic food, play, stargaze, dance, laugh, relax, bird watch, read books and join together to contemplate it all.

Our Yoga platform has a magnificent hardwood floor and a sustainable bamboo superstructure that frames the views of the jungle and the ocean. Perfect practice in the perfect environment can you imagine? Here that paradise is real.

*Ilustrations by Bennedetta

Enjoy to the fullest

This model opens us many doors that you cannot and should not miss. Our model of friendly accommodation will also allow you to rest in the middle of gardens full of flowers and trees. A true natural experience for all your five senses.

You will start your morning in this paradise, awakening with the beautiful sound of the birds and the softness of the sunlight. Then you will take a shower of pure spring water, which will prepare you for a nutritious and healthy breakfast.

At the same time, in the comfort of our wooden facilities, you will feel relaxed and amazed with the beautiful colors and sounds of nature, and you will be part of it. Treating paradise as such and preserving it as it deserves is the most effective way to connect with it. Here you can truly disconnect and reconnect with nature… and yourself.

We invite you to try this model of sustainable architecture and living.. come join us!! Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

*Andrea Mora Journalist, copywriter and traveler in love with the Osa Peninsula, the best place in all of Costa Rica. You can  find more information at