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The search for a balanced life, changing your lifestyle.

Overall, our life consists of different areas that complement and reinforce each other to balance within a highly dynamic process. Often, we occupy most of our time to just a few valuables while not giving due consideration to the others, which can lead to consequences for our physical and mental health.

We live in a fast, hectic and over-informed world. Sometimes we can be absorbed and consumed by it, devoting much of our time to work and study, and with the little time we have free we decide to exercise our relaxation time on social networks or our social circle. Our lifestyle is rushed.

While the above is not bad, it is also necessary to have moments of introspection and solitude to nurture those areas that need attention.

If our goal is to lead a life as balanced as possible, it is not enough just to concentrate on our work, study or even in our recreational activities. It is also important to pay attention and focus on the social, physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of our lives.

Now: What is the key to living a balanced life? We pay attention to the following aspects:

1) Work: The theme of the work is one of the most important in life as working and developing intellectually we become useful and effective for society´s people, we feel valued, and it gives us the means to further develop in other areas of life. The problem is when we apply ourselves fully to it as this affects the quality of our social relations and our free time. Although we depend on a monthly salary, we can always disconnect from work and allow time to interact with our family and friends, as much as possible.

2) Recreation: The recreation area is very important because it is in those moments when we release tensions, we relax, we have fun and we activate our physical and mental capacity. Within the range of activities available, it is always advisable to favor those that can be performed in contact with nature and spaces that allow us pause to analyze what is happening internally in us.

3) Spiritual: Our spiritual aspect that connects us to an area little explored in us and that has to do with our inner place, our inner peace, joy, confidence and personal strength. There are several ways to access our spirituality; but above all, it is a way of life rather than an attitude or behavior of the moment. Make a commitment to our own happiness, knowing that it is an option rather than an end; have a smiling attitude towards life; cultivate gratitude for all the good that surrounds us; practice forgiveness ourselves and the rest, as human beings who make mistakes, but we learn in the process, are some of the actions that can be taken daily, until they become ingrained in our habits.

Definitely bring a balanced life in the midst of tumultuous times, is a difficult task, but full of satisfaction and latent rewards. Decide how much you want to balance, as far as possible, in different areas of your life, and very importantly, the choice time, where we make the decision to live a more balanced life depends mainly on ourselves.

Many people have experienced the great benefits generated by these changes in your lifestyle to the point that they have also changed their places to take vacations. As five star hotels become less attractive, with the eco-lodges as the new most sought after destinations by being located in the middle of nature, most of them are without distractions like television, radio or internet, allowing them to maximize their senses and therefore their experiences of being totally immersed in the natural environment of these.

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