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Travel guide for ecotourism

As a thoughtful and responsible traveler, there are several things you can do before, during and after your trip to ensure that the experience is in line with the values ​​of “ecotourism”, as well as minimize your impact on the host country. It is much easier just to go on holiday as a regular tourist, but make the decision to be an informed one can have far-reaching impacts on the world around us. The following is a basic guide for the eco tourist.

1) Prepare for your trip

Learn about your destination. Watch for news and current events about the area. Learn about local history, customs and culture, as well as vital ecosystems. Know at least the basics of the local language. A simple hello, please and thank you will be pleasantly surprising for locals. Travel with the desire to learn and not just observe.

2) Respect local traditions

Be aware of the sensitivity of people to be photographed; Always ask first and consider sending photos back to the local population through your travel agent or by other means. Observe local customs. Be perceptive of your own cultural values ​​and how they affect the judgment of others.

Remember that you are the visitor. There are many different concepts of time, personal space, communication, etc., which are not wrong or inferior, just different. Act as an example for other travelers who may be less informed than you.

3) Be flexible in your expectations

Approach your adventure with an open mind. Sometimes plan change and an opportunity for deeper learning or a unique cultural experience are presented. Adapt to the situation instead of trying to adapt the situation to you.

4) Practice minimal environmental impact

Find the special bins for recycling and use them properly. Take out the trash that others have left behind. Do not remove any plant or animal products. Be aware of endangered species in the country in order to not to buy souvenirs made from their skin, feathers, etc. This is not only bad for the environment, but it is illegal.

5) Choosing a tour operator or guide

Perform a thorough investigation with your travel agent or the choice eco-lodge, making them specifically pointed questions about what they do if they follow the guidelines of sustainability and how communities and local economies are involved. The “greening of tourism” has led companies to promote themselves as “eco” simply to sell travel. The larger the company the more luxurious, and the less likely lodging is actually environmentally sustainable. Be persistent in your queries.

6) Support local economies

How will your visit directly benefit the economy of the community? This is an integral part of true ecotourism. Use public transportation, buy local crafts, and use local tour operators. Especially in the eco-lodge you will be delighted to discover that 98% of its employees are from nearby communities.

7) Reduction cultural gaps

Take the opportunity to be a cultural ambassador. Much of the world’s image of western tourists is based on the unrealities of television and magazines. Meet the person sitting next to you on a local bus or the person cooking your food, it takes very little effort, but it is often a rewarding experience.

8) Continued ecotourism

If you decided ecotourism definitely is for, follow through on its commitment to the preservation of special places you’ve visited or find new ones. Share your experiences with others to foster a greater understanding of our world. You will have seen and learned a lot from the trip, share and lead others also to ecotourism.

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