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Wellness in Costa Rica

What is Wellness?

Maybe the better question is what does wellness mean to you? Is it happiness, health, a tranquil mind, time to just be, consistent creative outlets, stable self-esteem, access to opportunities for growth, deeper connections with others, with nature, with yourself? It could be any or all of these things.

The more we are aware about our mind and our reactions, the more wellness will seep into day-to-day life. Focusing on the present and not dwelling on the past nor yearning for the future or desired objects brings a calmness to life that allows life to unfold moment by moment without expectations.

The intimate daily interaction with the earth at Finca Exotica Ecolodge facilitates a surge of well-being, which can be enhanced through activities like yoga, meditation, massage, trekking and of course the importance of healthy and nutritious food.

Wellness: Nature is our Inspiration

Many of the most well-known philosophers of last century got their inspiration from nature. So what’s the secret? Getting away from day-to-day distractions facilitates observation.

It is so easy and even common to focus on what we do not have at this moment and what we want to have.  Being immersed in nature is the perfect opportunity to begin to appreciate what surrounds us. If we begin to engage our senses with our natural surroundings we begin to truly see what is there. And the ego – sense of separate self– begins to fade, and the interconnectedness of everything becomes more vividly understood. This leads to a reevaluation of what is really important and an understanding of the principle ‘less is more’.

There are scientific studies showing that gardening, contact with nature, especially trees, and contact with other animals, is therapeutic. Contact with nature soothes the soul in an abstract way that may be felt but not explained. As your nervous system recalibrates, your energy level and creativity increase and you may begin to feel a resurgence of prana (life-force) flowing through your body.

Nature is our inspiration and wellness is what you will experience here, because Costa Rica possess all the conditions and Osa Peninsula is the best place in the country to be immerse in nature and disconnect from the hypnotic hustle of urban lifestyle.

Massages and Holistic Therapies

Discover the healing power of nature with the therapies we offer daily on site.

The sound of the waves or the gong, the smell of ylang ylang or the essencial oils of aromatherapy and the lush green rainforest landscape creates and continuous soothing wellness retreat.

Our therapies nourishes all levels of your being: preventing stress related health conditions, liberating tight muscles, releasing blockages accumulated in the body, stimulating the immune system and deeply calming the nervous system.

Each therapy is individually scheduled and tailored to your specific needs.

HOLISTIC MASSAGE. Seeks to work body, mind and spirit through manual techniques performed harmoniously, methodically and combined with the use of oils, sonotherapy and reiki.

THAI MASSAGE.  Utilizes rhythmic motion, energy line work, percussions and stretching to reduce stress, ease discomfort, boost the immune system and balance your energy.

SOUND THERAPY.  It works on the principle of "Resonance in Sympathy", when a vibrating object causes certain vibrations that affect beneficially in our organism. Private and Group session available.

REIKI.  Technique of channeling vital energy through the laying on of hands, in order to obtain peace and balance at all levels (physical, mental, spiritual).

FLOWER ESSENCE THERAPY.  Works on the root emotional cause of physical/mental imbalances that may affect your energy level, happiness, and reactions to external stimuli. 

* Therapies  may vary depending on availability

Looking for any other therapy, a detox program, a special wellness program or alternative medicine?  Contact us and we will help you.

For a complete wellness experience, we recommend to combine any of these therapies with healthy food (always included if you decide to stay with us) exercise and movement, so check our info about Yoga and Tours

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