Wildlife Tours in Costa Rica: points you should consider

The paradises that most tourists visit have innumerable attractions.  In addition to their favorable climate and phenomenal views, most of these destinations comprise locally specific fauna that is undeniably fascinating to observe.  The vegetation of the most exotic jungles is extraordinary and unique not to mention the magnificence of its inhabitants.  The wildlife tours in Costa Rica are attractions that allow you to visit the hot spots of the country and witness the fauna in situ.  Would you like to know how it works?

What are the Wildlife Tours in Costa Rica?

Wildlife tours in Costa Rica are a service that you can engage in order to explore the areas with the richest expanses of natural flora and fauna characteristic of the country.

Although beautiful, not all tourist destinations are suitable for these kinds of activities.  A paradise may encompass a lush terrain and favorable climate but that doesn’t necessarily mean it possesses a particularly dynamic or exceptional ecosystem.  As a result, at times you may come across wildlife packages that disappoint.  In Costa Rica this doesn’t happen because the innate characteristics of its geography and considerable animal populations make it a focus of irrefutable interest.

Tips to plan tours

In order to feel comfortable in these kinds of exploratory pursuits, it’s advantageous to do so keeping in mind certain conditions.  It’s not only about seeking the comfort of visitors, but also guaranteeing their safety.  For example, it’s advisable to wear light clothes, items suitable for wet conditions, sun block, hats, hiking shoes, bug repellent, binoculars and rain jackets.

On our webpage we list what you shouldn’t forget to bring with you.  See What to pack: suggested travel packing list

The best wildlife tours in Costa Rica

Here at Finca Exotica, with the Saimiri wildlife refuge, you have more than 90 hectares of protected forest where you can go on hikes in which little by little the great secrets of this territory will be unveiled.

With the proximity to the Corcovado National Park, the waterfalls, rivers, lagoons and all the fauna around one of the most charismatic beaches of the South Pacific, the adventures are guaranteed.

If you are interested in knowing the autochthonous universe of Costa Rica, do not wait any longer and go without thinking, we will gladly help you organize your adventure to know the wildlife of the Osa Peninsula, see the tours we have for you.