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Costa Rica: The Yogi’s Paradise

If you tried to imagine an ideal country to practice yoga, meditation and mindfulness, you would be imagining Costa Rica. With our “pura vida” lifestyle, food and natural scenery, this is the perfect place to unwind, disconnect, and cultivate inner tranquility.Costa Rica’s strong conservation laws have helped nature to flourish here and have created a very strong economy in the process. Our people are friendly, our country is safe, and there is breathtaking natural beauty almost everywhere you go! It’s no secret why yogis love it here.

Yoga at Finca

At Finca Exotica, dense tropical rainforest meets modern day comforts and nourishing meals, crafting the perfect environment for your yoga practice. Our on-site yoga instructors offer classes every day at 7am and 4pm. You are also welcome to utilize our yoga deck for your own private practice any time of day.

Our yoga deck, cradled among the trees, features a magnificent hardwood floor and bamboo superstructure as well as a sweeping panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean. It can comfortably accommodate up to 30 people for yoga, meditation or other practices, and also has a cozy, wraparound couch and sound system.

In addition to yoga, it is common to find us hosting cacao ceremonies and sound baths, and we have onsite massage therapists and reiki practitioners. Find out more in Wellness and Massages.

We also have a world class kitchen with fresh, organic food, much of which grows right here on our property. At Finca you can focus on taking your practice to the next level while our chefs work hard to reward you with mouth-watering, healthy meals three times per day!

Bring a Group or host a retreat with us!

We love hosting yoga retreats at Finca Exotica, and you will love having your retreat here! From our sustainably built yoga deck to our permaculture garden and delicious, healthy meals, we have everything and more to make your retreat a success.

We have numerous tiki tents and cabins throughout our property, allowing us to offer a variety of accommodations to retreat goers. Nestled among our gardens and teeming with wildlife, you will be greeted with nature immediately upon waking up every day. Our trails, our food and our friendly staff create a nice environment for your whole group to connect to nature, to themselves and to each other. We are in our own little world here at Finca, and we will make sure you feel perfectly at home while you're with us!

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